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These days, the size of corporations has been increasing in the face of rapid industrial development and change. The problems inherent to business management have become more complicated and diverse, and the attributes necessary to be a business manager involves the acquisition of high qualifications. The Department of Business primarily provides learning opportunities in the area of basic business management function, including production, marketing, accounting, financing and human resources organizations, in order to satisfy the demands of the market. The second level is where the department has organized a diversity of curriculums that allow students to pursue a wide range of business interests, such as strategic business management, business start up, managing small- and medium-sized businesses, technological innovation, globalization management, design and operating a management information system (MIS), managing labor and managerial parties, and service management. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a range of academic research projects, including industry and university cooperative research projects, of which they will be able to disseminate their findings at seminars and workshops for the benefit of their fellow students. Students who take this course will be eligible to work in the key departments in specialized research institutions, universities and industrial organizations after graduation.

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