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BIZ600 Business Statistics

This course examines empirical research methodologies. With a focus on statistic reasoning, the course looks at the analysis of data using computers and statistical decision making. Course contents include an introduction to statistical reasoning, comparisons and the selection of hypothesis testing procedures, the execution of hypothesis testing using computers, mediator effects and suppressor effects, an introduction to observational data analysis, and methods of graphical data analysis.

BIZ601 Advanced Business Statistics

This course expands on the basic statistic reasoning methodologies studied in Management Statistics to deal with multi-variants/observational research methodologies. Course contents include MANOVA, MANCOVA, repeated measures analysis, profile analysis, linear discriminant analysis, logistic regression analysis, factor analysis, and structural equation modeling.

BIZ602 Seminar in Technology Management

The objective of this course is to give students a firm grasp of the recent national and international research trends and developments in the technology management area, including technological innovation, research and development, and new product development and management. The course will consist of presentations and discussions to develop students’ ability to identify research subjects for their thesis and to conduct the relevant studies.

BIZ603 Microeconomics

This course examines various methodologies in microeconomics theory, which for the basis of economic analysis. Course contents include the basis economic theories – consumer behavior and corporations in market economy – required in business management decision making.

BIZ604 Seminar in Strategic Management

A survey of major current analytical and empirical research in strategic management. Emphasizes the logic, structure and technique of such research.

BIZ605 Strategic Management

An examination of top executive’s strategic management from a corporate view point. It will discuss competitive environments, product configuration, competitive advantages, organizational structure design, strategic groups, through case analysis and extensive reading.

BIZ606 Field Study on Strategic Management

On this course, students will develop examples of management strategies and conduct surveys.

BIZ607 Seminar in International Business

On this course, students will study the recent, major tangible issues in international management.

BIZ608 International Financial Markets

This course provides an in-depth analysis of the role of international financial markets. Topics include the international financial institutions like IMF, IBRD, etc.

BIZ609 Special Topics in Industrial Organization

This course emphasizes the industrial organization like monopoly, oligopoly, etc. Also covered are anti-trust law, consumer protectionism, etc.

BIZ610 Venture Business Creation and Management

This course looks at the theories and practices of the development and creation of a new technology venture business; the discovery of new business opportunities and feasibility testing for growth management; the establishment of business plans, financing, technology and product development; the creation of entrepreneur teams; the establishment of companies and market pioneering; the establishment of marketing strategies; and growth management and general risk issues. Students will write a business plan at the end of this course based on the knowledge they have gained.

BIZ620 Marketing Research Methodology

The objectives and main subjects of this course are

  1. 1) understand how marketing research functions in relation to corporate activities;
  2. 2) introduce diverse research methods and explain how and when to use these methods;
  3. 3) introduce appropriate data analysis methods for each suggested research method;
  4. 4) devise a marketing research information gathering strategy. Lectures will be given in the form of discussions after the research thesis topics have been decided.
BIZ621 Consumer Behavior

Students can study and arrange the theories and ideas learned in the undergraduate course. Some important articles in this course area are discussed to broaden the knowledge.

BIZ622 Marketin Models Doctoral Seminar

This course introduces the mathematical and statistic models useful in marketing decision making. Students learn the best forms of analysis when establishing marketing strategies.

BIZ623 Advertisement

ISize of the advertising budget, message development, media selection, timing of advertising expenditures, and measuring advertising effectiveness are the major contents of this course.

BIZ624 Product Management

The concepts of product management is discussed. The various decisions that management must make at the level of its overall product mix, product lines, brands, and services are discussed.

BIZ625 Pricing and Sale Promotion

This course helps students to understand price determination factors – an understanding that is crucial for companies big and small. This course introduces the price determination theories that have been developed in management in economics department and gives instruction on how to best apply these theories. Students will take part in active discussions and learn how to apply statistics more effectively to real life situations.

BIZ640 OR (Operation Research)

This course offers a general overview of the major topics, such as linear planning, queuing models, dynamic programming, credibility theory, network theory and decision making theory.

BIZ641 Queueing Theory

This course focuses on basic queuing theory and multiple channel queue system analysis.

BIZ642 Production Planning and Control

This course examines the problems of matching production capacities to market demands. Topics include: demand forecasting, capacity adjustment and scheduling, economic inventory control and material requirements planning. The nature of this course is basically quantitative and analytical, demanding some use of a computer.

BIZ643 Seminar in Management Science

The recent interesting problems on management science is treated with emphasis on application of management science techniques to the real and practical problems.

BIZ644 Seminar I in Production &Operations Management

A survey of major current analytical and empirical research in production & operations management. Emphasizes the logic, structure and technique of such research. Contents varies from year to year based on interests of participants.

BIZ645 Seminar II in Production &Operations Management

A survey of major current analytical and emiprirical research in production & operations management. Emphasizes the logic, structure and technique of such research. Contents varies from year to year based on interests of participants.

BIZ660 Research Methods in Organizational Behavior I

The objective of this course is to help human resources organization students to develop the ability to conduct independent studies. In particular, the focus of this course is on study purpose, methodologies and statistics to ensure high quality research theses. The appropriateness and usefulness of statistics will be made clear.

BIZ661 Organizational Behavior

This is an introductory course to organizational field. Behavioral science approaches to organization management are comprehensively presented.

BIZ662 Human Resource Management

This course provides an integrated approach to human resource management from recruitment to maintaining policies.

BIZ663 Organization Theory

This course deals with macro-organizational problems, including organizational structure and design, organization-invironment.

BIZ664 Organizational Culture

This class deals with the cultural phenomenon of organizations including business firms. Organizations could not be understood as simple instruments of economic or other activities, but as communities pursuing self-defining visions and values and showing even religious characteristics. These cultural phenomenon undergoes significant change in this globalizing era. The managerial issues arising from M&A and labor mobility are also handled in this class.

BIZ665 Theories and Research on Leadership

On this course, students discover the significance of leadership in various areas, including business. The course runs a parallel psychological, social and historical approach, and covers the major literature and related theses. The objective of this course is to develop insights to leadership though the application of case studies.

BIZ666 Organization Design

The design of the complex organizations is the topic of this course. The basic differentiation-integration mechanism is studied in the context of job design and structural arrangement.

BIZ667 Organizational Development Studies

On this course, students will examine forms of organizational change. After a general overview of this topic, students will compare various strategies for organizational change and learn about many intervention theories and tools. Through this course, students will develop their competency as organization development consultants.

BIZ668 Labor Relations

This course covers a vast range of issues in labor-management relations: the nature of labor movement in the industrialized countries, its institutions and special problems in Korea.

BIZ669 Seminar in Labor Relations

Advanced topics and current issues in labor relations are treated.

BIZ670 Negotiation

This course introduces the negotiation process, which creates value to all interest parties, and the underlining theories. The lectures will include discussions on case studies.

BIZ671 Performance Evaluation &HR Information

On this course, students will study human resources performance assessment and the human resources information system (HRIS). In particular, the main issues related to evaluators, assessment errors, multilayer assessments and strategic assessments will form the bulk of this course’s focus on performance assessment; whereas, strategic connections to a management information system and data management and utilization will be studied as a form of human resources information system.

BIZ672 Seminar in Management Research

The main theme of the discussions and scientific activities presented on this course is the understanding and application of new assessment methods in relation to the individual, organizational and psychological dimensions. Most of the lectures will focus on academic communications through discussions, as well as experimental discoveries and recent theories.

BIZ673 Research Methods in Organizational Behavior II

The prerequisite for this course is Organizational Behavior Methodology I. The objective of this course is to develop and execute the study ideas introduced in Organization Behavior Methodology I and apply them to actual studies. This course will help students grasp the subjects and papers encountered in graduate school.

BIZ680 Financial Accounting Studies

This course focuses on the measurement problems inherent to accounting information, for outside users, and the impact accounting information has had on the capital market.

BIZ681 Managerial Accounting Research

Using the agent model, this course will look at the information asymmetry and moral laxity evident in managerial decision making..

BIZ682 Tax Accounting

An analysis of taxation system and tax laws in the consideration of business accounting practices. Tax reconciliation between accounting income and taxable income will be pursued in a case study as well as in theoretical approach.

BIZ683 Seminar in Financial Accounting

The course deals with contemporary developments in the field of financial accounting. In addition, special topics are discussed.

BIZ684 Financial Statements Analysis

This course provides an in-depth analysis of the methods used to communicate information about the activities of corporate enterprises and the techniques for evaluation of information. Topics include prediction of bankruptcy, bond ratings, properties of accounting numbers and empirical evidences.

BIZ685 Seminar in Managerial Accounting

On this course, students will study the recent research trends and major topics in management accounting.

BIZ686 Seminar in Tax Accounting

On this course, students will study the recent research trends and major topics in tax accounting.

BIZ687 Seminar in Auditing

On this course, students will study the recent research trends and major topics in accounting audits.

BIZ702 Seminar in Investments

Discussion and analysis of concepts, processes, and problems of investment media valuation, portfolio valuation, and portfolio construction, and administration for individual and institutions.

BIZ704 Seminar on Coperate Finance

On this course, students learn about the capital asset pricing model (CAPM), which is of great significance to utility theory and the portfolio optimization method. There will be discussions on the asset pricing model by APT.

BIZ705 Coperate Finance I

This course covers the basics of corporate finances. Where information asymmetry is concerned, students will study models that determine capital rationing, rationing policies and financial structure. The course also examines how conflicting interests affect the establishment of optimized financial policies between corporate creditors and investors.

BIZ707 Fixed Income Securities

This course discusses interest rates and related stocks (steady income stock). This course touches on a wide range of topics, including the concept of interest rates, analysis of sensitivity, term structure and interest rate derivatives.

BIZ708 Investment

In order to expand the understanding of portfolio theory and the capital market, this course looks at the related theoretical and empirical aspects.

BIZ709 Principles of Financial Derivatives

This course deals with futures contracts, forward contracts and options based on basic assets. In particular, students will study the structure of derivatives, the characteristics of derivative markets, pricing models and risk hedges.

BIZ714 Financial Institutions

Structure and operations of commercial bank and nonbank financial institutions. Impact of monetary policy and of public regulation. Portfolio composition and market behavior of financial intermediaries. The structure of yields on financial assets and the influence of financial intermediaries and monetary policy.

BIZ716 Capital Markets

Analysis of the markets for financial assets, including the money market and the various bond and stock markets. Covers essentials of portfolio theory and pricing of capital assets, regulatory structure fo financial markets, transaction costs, and interrelations among markets.

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