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Laboratory database (Materials Processing Laboratory) Professor: Chee Burm Shin

Laboratory : Chemical Engineering Experiment Building 205-1
Laboratory phone : 031-219-2949

Materials Processing Laboratory (MPL) has been working on the modeling and simulation of chemical processes, electrochemical systems, and microelectronics processing. The main research topic of MPL is currently the performance modeling of batteries. Over the last 20 years, a broad range of batteries have been examined at MPL. The recent focus is on the lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) for hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle applications. Research to overcome the limitations of LIB related to safety, limited life, and poor performance at low temperature based on modeling is being conducted at MPL.

Laboratory database (Surface Processing Lab) Professor: Chang-Koo Kim

Laboratory : Chemical Engineering Experiment Building 207

Laboratory phone : 031-219-2399

Our research mainly focuses on etching and deposition of various thin films for the fabrication of microelectronics and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices, nanotechnology, surface modification of materials, and so on. Plasma processing and electrochemical methods are used to elucidate fundamental phenomena and mechanisms during etching and deposition of thin films. The current research topics are as follows.

  • - Electrodeposition of 3-dimensional nanostructured electrodes for supercapacitors
  • - Environment-friendly deep Si etching for MEMS devices
  • - Plasma processing for direct patterning of 3-dimensional nanostructures

Laboratory database (Green Chemical Processing Laboratory) Professor: Eun Duck PARK

Laboratory : Room 204 Chemical Engineering Laboratory
Laboratory phone : 031-219-2384 website :

We are studying to increase the productivity and energy efficiency of chemical processes based the catalytic chemistry and also trying to develop eco-friendly chemical processes. Main research topics are as follows:
(1) Catalytic chemistry: the design, synthesis, and modification of heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysts for new chemical reactions
(2) Green chemistry and clean chemical processes to reduce CO2 emissions and toxic chemicals
(3) Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials
(4) Fuel processing catalysts and fuel cells

Laboratory database (Process Systems Engineering Lab) Professor: Myung-June Park

Laboratory : Chemical Engineering Experiment Building 205-3
Laboratory phone : 031-219-2895 website :

Our lab conducts research in the field of chemical reactor modeling, analysis, optimization and control. Research projects include:
- Development of kinetics and reactor models for oxidative coupling of methane
- Modeling and optimization of Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) process
- Process development for the synthesis of polyols from cellulose
- Development of the catalytic process for the synthesis of furfural from pentosan
- Design and optimization of a fixed-bed reactor for biomass to liquid
- Modeling and analysis of a micro-reactor for the FTS
- Modeling and design of a separation system for pre-combustion CO2 capture
- Optimization and economy analysis for the CO2 capture process composed of amine absorber, WGS reactor, and membrane separators

Laboratory database (Dynamics of Complex Fluids and Microfluidics Laboratory) Professor: Ju Min Kim

Laboratory : Chemical Engineering Experiment Building 208
Laboratory phone : 031-219-2398 website :

Our research focuses on the dynamics of single particles, cells and biopolymers in microfluidic environments, microrheology and the development of lab-on-a-chips applicable to point-of-care testing, personalized medicine and environmental technologies. We harness theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches to study the fundamentals in complex fluids, polymer physics and transport phenomena in microfluidics. We also facilitate such tools to engineer microchips to focus and separate particles, cells and single DNA molecules.


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