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Area Subject No. Subject Credit
Electronic Devices ECE610 Advanced Physics Electronics 3
ECE611 Advanced Optoelectronics 3
ECE612 High Frequency Integrated Circuit Design 3
ECE613 Nano/Micro Device Fabrication 3
ECE614 Compound Semiconductor Devices 3
ECE710 Nano/Micro System Design 3
ECE711 Solid-State Lighting 3
ECE712 Power Semiconductor Devices 3
ECE713 Optical Communication Systems 3
ECE714 Advanced Topics in Semiconductors 3
Microwave ECE620 Advanced Electromagnetic Field Theory 3
ECE621 Guided-Wave Theory & Analysis 3
ECE622 Electromagnetic Wave Propagation 3
ECE623 Antenna Theory and Design 3
ECE624 Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility 3
ECE625 Microwave Devices and Circuits 3
ECE720 Electromagnetic Scattering 3
ECE721 Microwave Structure Analysis 3
ECE723 Advanced Topics in Microwave Engineering 3
Communication ECE630 Advanced Digital Communications 3
ECE631 Probability and Stochastic Process 3
ECE632 Advanced Computer Networks 3
ECE633 Queuing Systems 3
ECE634 Error Control Coding Theory 3
ECE730 Advanced Wireless Networks 3
ECE731 Advanced Wireless Communications Systems 3
ECE732 Performance Analysis of Communication Networks 3
ECE733 Special Topics in Communication Systems 3
Multimedia ECE640 Advanced Signals and Systems Theory 3
ECE641 Pattern Recognition Theory 3
ECE642 Advanced Digital Image Processing 3
ECE643 Information Theory 3
ECE644 Special Topics in Signal Processing 3
ECE741 Computer Vision 3
ECE742 Digital Image Coding 3
ECE743 Cryptography 3
Computer ECE650 Advanced Computer Architecture 3
ECE651 Real-Time Operating Systems 3
ECE652 Embedded System 3
ECE653 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
ECE654 Embedded System Testing 3
ECE750 SoC Design 3
ECE751 Discrete Event Systems 3
ECE752 Advanced Software Design 3
ECE753 Parallel and Distributed Systems 3
ECE754 Special Topics in Computers 3
Control ECE670 Linear Systems 3
ECE671 Digital Control 3
ECE672 Energy Conversion Systems 3
ECE673 Robot Control Theory 3
ECE674 Servo Systems 3
ECE675 Optimization Theory 3
ECE770 Estimation Theory 3
ECE771 Advanced Topics in Control Engineering 3
ECE772 Intelligent Control Systems 3


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