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Department of Financial Engineering in Ajou University is exclusively selected among top universities in Korea for World Class University (WCU) project. Our goal is to educate students to become leaders in the financial industry and to perform research at the top level. Our excellent faculty members make this possible.

Financial engineering is an interdisciplinary field which incorporates mathematics, scientific programming, and financial theory to analyze risks of financial institutions, develop derivatives and assets, and solve problems in the industry.

One major advantage of financial engineering is that students learn theories behind economic phenomena, mathematical analysis, and creativity required for modeling financial assets. Furthermore, there are not many financial engineers in the actual field, so a student who studies financial engineering can become a valuable asset either in the industry or in the academia. The demand for financial engineers will continue to increase.

The department aims to nurture leaders for the financial industry and academy through systematic and high quality education. The curriculum is well-designed for student to become a real expert in financial engineering and integrated with Finance through Mathematics.

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