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Ajou University Department of Financial Engineering Program (WCU)

  1. 1. Semester system: Tri-Semester System (Six semesters are required for master students)
  2. 2. Credits and lecture hours: (3 Credits * 4 Hours /per week)* 12 weeks
  3. 3. Maximum credits: 9 Credits per semester (research credit included)
  4. 4. Requirements for Graduation:
Requirements for Graduation
Programs Credits Research
Masters 39 6
Ph. D 60 9
Integrated Curriculum 54 9
Admission Facts
  1. 1. Cohort: 16 masters and 4(including the Masters & Ph.D) Ph.D
  2. 2. Information on Admission: See the Graduate School Homepage
  3. 3. Prerequisites

    Finance / Economics : Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Principles of Accounting or Corporate Finance, Financial Management,

    Mathematics: Calculus Sequence (Single and Multivariable), Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Probability and Statistics

Scholarships for Master
  1. 1) Special Scholarship: Full scholarship
  2. 2) Research Assistantship: Tuition waived for a semester. Given to selected students each semester
  3. 3) Teaching Assistantship (Exception for the summer semester)
Scholarships for Ph.D

- Research Assistantship: 80% of the Tuition Waived for all qualified students

Scholarship for Foreign Students
  • Type A – Tuition is waived for students with outstanding grades (See the standards on the graduate school website).
  • Type B – 80% of the tuition is waived for students who are recommended by the faculty.
  • Special scholarship for masters and research scholarship for Ph.D have 8 hours of mandatory Teaching Assistance responsibility each week.
  • Special Scholarship Not Applicable for early admission Students
  • A student in an integrated masters and ph.d program receive master scholarship in the first four semesters, and ph.D scholarship afterwards.

- Info: Graduate Department of Financial Engineering / 031-219-3661 /

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