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1. Advanced Structural Materials Laboratory (ASML)

Bulk nanostructured materials (BNMs) are the novel material candidate for structural applications where weight saving is of primary concern. Therefore, the research on the processing and mechanical behaviors of BNMs is one of the most emerging fields on advanced structural materials systems. The principal research works in the Advanced Structural Materials Laboratory at Ajou University include (1) synthesis of bulk nanostructured materials (BNMs), (2) synthesis of nanostructured metallic powders by mechanical alloying/cryomilling, (3) fundamental understanding of the mechanical behaviors of BNMs, (4) investigation of the correlation between deformation mechanisms and microstructure of BNMs, (5) in-situ mechanical characterization, and (5) advanced electron microscopy for nano scale microstructural characterization.

Contact : Paldal Hall 711, Ajou University
Professor Byungmin Ahn
Tel: : +82-31-219-3531
E-mail :

2. Advanced Electronic & Energy Materials Lab (AEEM Lab)

The direction of research at AEEM laboratory is mainly the tuning of oxide semiconductors for solar energy harvesting and analysis for surface chemical (UPS, XPS), optical (UV/VIS transmission, spectroscopic ellipsometry), and electrical properties of materials and devices.

Contact : Paldal-Hall 138, Ajou University
Professor Hyung Tak Seo
Tel: : +82 031-219-3532
E-mail :
Homepage :

3. Thin Film Processing Lab (TPL)

R&D of various thin film processing technology and material characterizations are the main topics of the lab. Current interests are dielectric thin films for broadband RF telecommunication and functional coatings on glass for energy saving and harvest.

Contact : Paldal Hall 732 Ajou University
Professor Kyung Hyun Ko
Tel: : +82 031-219-2470
E-mail :
Homepage :


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