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VC Lab (Visual Computing Lab)

Professor: Choi, Jung-Ju
Kyung, Min-Ho
Shin, Hyun-Joon
Lee, Yun-Jin
Laboratory: Sanhak Hall 605 Laboratory phone: 031-219-1826, 2640 website:

In Visual Computing Lab, we have been studying many researches related to computer visual processing. We have been participating in many research projects and various government/ industry projects on computer graphics, image processing, computer vision, 3D display, image compression, and mobile multimedia computing. We are particularly interested in the development of fast relighting techniques for 3D scenes, non-photorealistic rendering techniques for a fluid, human motion analysis and synthesis techniques, shape deformation techniques, and the animation and rendering techniques of 2D and 3D objects in mobile computing environment.

CGI Lab (Computer Graphics Images Lab)

Professor: Suk, Hae-Jung
Yim, Yu-Sang
Laboratory: Sanhak Hall 626 Laboratory phone: 031-219-1857 website:

CGI Lab demonstrates high-performance levels in studio practice, having developed a theoretical understanding of that practice. Graduates will advance their standing as visual arts professionals and have either an extensive portfolio of industry-relevant and recognised leading edge skills and knowledge to enter into reserch of Visual Effect, TV-Commercial, Animation and other-visual media.

  • - Character Animation
  • - Visual Effect in Film, Video and TV Commercial

Social Media Lab (Social Media Lab)

Professor: Koh, Wook
Laboratory: Sanhak Hall 618 Laboratory phone: 031-219-1851 website:

Social Media Lab studies "Human Behavior in Media Context". The research is mainly divided into two areas such as

  1. 1) social media with big data: social media planning & marketing with mutli-disciplinary big data analytics.
  2. 2) media intelligence: the social influence and interaction between human intelligence and media. Both research fields are based on the blending of MIBSⓒ: Media, Information, Business, Social & Psychology.

DMC Lab (Digital Media Communication Lab)

Professor: Kim, Hyo-Dong
Laboratory: Sanhak Hall 626 Laboratory phone: 031-219-1857 website:

DMC lab offers opportunities in researching emerging types of new media and their uses in everyday life settings. Some students focus on planning and building social media applications in the areas of the Internet, digital television (IPTV and smart TV), and mobile communication. Others emphasize the social, cultural, and psychological aspects of new communicative technologies. Examples include studying diffusion of technologies and ideas in social media, researching interactive effects of augmented reality in mobile technology settings, visualizing social network relations in social media, and so on. Students are required to participate active roles in designing and executing their research and have shown their excellent achievement in various areas.

IE Lab (Interactive Entertainment Lab)

Professor: Oh, Gyu-Hwan
Laboratory: Sanhak Hall 627 Laboratory phone: 031-219-1836 website:

IE Lab is the place where we explore digital contents techniques that improve the quality of life in the area of interaction between IT machine and human. Specifically, we are very interested in studying issues of making virtual world including online and social game that are main cultural issues in the modem society. We research immersive game contents for various platforms including PC, console, mobile device and social networking web, and also study about the related technologies to produce such game contents.

ID Lab (Integrated Design Lab)

Professor: Lee, Kyung-Won
Kim, Hyun-Hee
Lee, Ju-Yeop
Laboratory: Sanhak Hall 604 Laboratory phone: 031-219-1826 website:

Integrated Design Lab explores the intersection between humanity, art and science. Along with a deep understanding of each disciplinary areas, we put a great emphasis on the collaboration among multi-disciplinary areas. By exploring and pushing the boundaries, creative and useful design solutions can be achieved that can enrich our lives.

  • - Information Visualization
  • - Interaction Design for Ubiquitous environment
  • - Interface Design for the future
  • - HCI (Human-Computer Interaction)
  • - Digital Media Art
  • - Interactive Narrative Design


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