Clinical Pharmacy Practice Education

This satellite educational facility located at Ajou University Hospital is designed to advance pharmacy students’ clinical practice ability through interdisciplinary patient-centered activities. Through well-coordinated collaboration across healthcare professions at hospital clerkship sites including nephrology, critical care medicine, oncology, and infectious diseases, we are devoted to nurturing clinical pharmacists capable of providing the best personalized pharmaceutical care for patients. Preceptors dedicated to hospital rotations consist of 3 college-based faculty members belonging to the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and 2 hospital-based clinical faculty members along with over 30 affiliated healthcare professionals at Ajou University Hospital. The experience and knowledge of the preceptors enable students to receive excellent experiential training necessary to become well-rounded practitioners. Professional degree students are to complete all required clerkship activities and work towards improvement in competency with the following: students shall demonstrate advancement in pharmaceutical care and patient counseling skills through constant patient interaction, advance effective oral and written communication with healthcare professionals, and evaluate and document interventions and pharmaceutical care outcomes.

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