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Message from the Dean

Ajou College of Pharmacy (ACP) is a leading 6-year level institution of pharmacy education in Korea. ACP builds well-organized educational programs for undergraduate and graduate students and collaborates with many domestic and international academic universities. ACP is uniquely located in the geographical center of the leading pharmaceutical industry complex in Korea. To take advantage, our professional educational programs and cutting-edge researches have been utilized to educate professional undergraduate and graduate students and to contribute the innovative advancement of global pharmaceutical industries. In addition, we have excellent education programs for clinical pharmacy and clinical trials by collaborating with one of the top-ranked university hospitals for new drug discovery programs in knowledge and technical excellence in a variety of scientific fields with students who are eager to explore their academic enthusiasm and expertise in pharmacy for better future and pharmacist mission. I encourage you to join our excellent education programs that the ACP offers.

With all best wishes.

College of Pharmacy

Ajou University

Prof., Dean Suk-Hyang Lee

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