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HOMEResearch Research Centers

Nonlinear Dynamics and Computational Neuroscience Laboratory, Professor: Young Tae Kim

Laboratory : Wonchon Hall 437
Laboratory phone : 031-219-2579 website :

Nonlinear Dynamics and Computational Neuroscience Laboratory is located in the Department of Physics Building. Major interests of the lab are analysis of various nonlinear phenomena and study of neuroscience. Current research topics are bifurcation analysis of nonlinear systems, modelling and numerical simulations of population of neurons and neural networks for the application to Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.

Holography Laboratory, Professor: Doo Jin Cho

Laboratory : Wonchon Hall

Laboratory phone : 031-219-2535 website :

Research interest includes optical system design and simulations of various optical systems based on geometrical optics and electromagnetic optics:

  • - Optical Design: Diffractive optics, conventional optical system
  • - Optical information processing: Diffractive optical elements, Beam Shaping, Optical Computing
  • - Optical diagnostics of plasma
  • - Holography: Recording materials, Digital holography, Holographic Optical Elements
  • - Biophotonics
  • - Image Display: Real-time three-dimensional imaging
  • - Nanophotonics : Photonic simulation, optical micromanipulation

ULPL (Ultrafast Lasers & Photonics Laboratory), Professor: Fabian Rotermund (Sang Min Lee)

Laboratory : Wonchon Hall 536-2
Laboratory phone : 031-219-2591 website :

The research interests of our ULPL include development of ultrafast lasers/amplifiers, low-dimensional carbon nanostructures for photonic applications, novel nonlinear optical materials, broadband (UV/VIS/IR to THz) time-resolved & nonlinear spectroscopy, laser interference lithography and femtosecond laser machining. Recently, we developed novel saturable absorbers based on carbon nanotubes and graphene as switching devices for efficient passive mode-locking of various ultrafast lasers operating in broad spectral ranges between 800 nm and 2100 nm.
Our Laboratory is supported by National Research Foundation of Korea as a National Leading Research laboratory since 2011. Currently, 3 Ph.D. students, 2 master and 2 undergraduate students are working in ULPL

Nanodevices & Nanocharacterization Laboratory, Professor: Ji-Yong Park

Laboratory : Wonchon Hall 109-2
Laboratory phone : 031-219-2590

Our research interests include fabrication and analysis of nanodevices utilizing new nanomaterials such as carbon nanotube, graphene, and semiconducting nanowires. Development and utilization of nanocharacterization methods using atomic force micrscopy are another research topic in the lab.

  1. 1. Fabrication of nanodevices and their characterization
    • - Synthesis of carbon nanotube, graphene, semiconducting nanowires
    • - Nanotransistor, chemical/biological sensors, nanophotonic device, flexible device
  2. 2. Nanocharacterization
    • - Topographic and electrical imaging with high spatial resolution with atomic force microscopy
    • - Functional imaging of nanodevices using atomic force microscopy

Ultrafast Fiber Lasers and Device Lab, Professor: Dong-Il Yeom

Laboratory : Wonchon Hall
Laboratory phone : 031-219-2591 website :

Ultrafast Fiber Lasers and Devices Laboratory (UFLD Lab.) conducts the research on ultrafast lasers and related photonic devices. Currently we investigates cost-effective ultrafast fiber lasers and novel micro/nano photonics devices based on nano-materials including carbon nanotube (CNT) and graphene. Based on our fundamental research, the applications to ultra-fine optical frequency metrology and novel bio-imaging applications are considered.


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