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Ever since states came into existence, public administration has had a direct impact on people’s lives and everyday activities. Especially in modern states, public administration is associated with a variety of functions, including government activities, and is closely linked with private businesses and NGOs. Under such circumstances, public administration has taken a significant role as an academic discipline devoted not only to the establishment of a governance system that can handle various public issues efficiently and properly, but also to the development of the state and society through the formation and execution of reasonable policies.

The department focuses on research and training in the fields of public management, e-government, and regional development in the era of ICT and glocalization. The department offers a bachelor-master integrated program and an integrated curriculum of master and doctorate courses, in addition to regular master and doctorate courses. The Graduate School of Public Affairs, under the responsibility of the Department of Public Administration, offers the practical courses for re-educating incumbent public officials.

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