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Classification IT Convergence Major Cyber Warfare Major
Required Subjects Tactical Communication Cyber Warfare










Selective Subjects










IT Convergence

Specialized Subjects

Satellite Networks
Satellite System
Mobile Networks
Communication, Navigation and Surveillance
Modelling and Simulation
System of Systems Engineering
Weapon System Engineering
Advanced Control and Unmanned System
Unmanned System Network
Defense Integrated Networking
Project Management
Service Oriented Computing
Enterprise Engineering
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
Understanding Big Data and its Application
Reinforcement Learning and Applications
Advanced Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Data Science
Military IOT
Defense Policy
Defense Industry in the 4th Industrial Revolution Era
Future War and Cutting- Edge Weapon System

Defense System Security and Cryptography
Defense Weapon System Cybersecurity
Cyber Threat Response
Network Security
Cyber Attack and Defense
Cyber Security Architecture
Cyber Situation Awareness and Command and Control
Cyber Warfare Case Studies
Cyber Electronic Warfare

General Subjects of Graduate School

IT related Subjects Cybersecurity related Subjects


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