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Introduction to faculty recruitment

Recruitment periods

Recruitment periods
Open recruitment Special recruitment
once a semester Occasionally as required

Open recruitment

Application procedure for open recruitment

  • <Special recruitment>

    • 회원가입/인력 Pool 등록
  • <Open recruitment>

    • 공개 채용 공고 확인
    • 입력내용확인
    • 지원서 접수


1단계 : 기초서류심사 및 전공심사
2단계 : 전공면접십사 및 공개강의
3단계 : 신임교원 선발위원회 심사

Detailed screening criteria for each phase

단계별 공개초빙 심사절차
Screening procedure stages Focal point of  screening Detailed screening criteria
1st Basic Whether the specialty matches what the University requires Judgment will be made based on the following factors: the subject in which the applicant obtained a degree; teaching and research experience; research results
Major-related screening Evaluation of research results
(quantitative evaluation)
In principle, the evaluation will be conducted based on the University’s Faculty Member Achievement Evaluation Rules. Quantitative evaluation will be conducted of the applicant’s research results over the past four years.
Evaluation of research capability
(qualitative evaluation)
Judgment will be made on overall quality and creativity.
2nd Major-related interview and open trial lecture Interview
(with a focus on personality and quality as a teacher)
With a focus on conviction as a teacher, aptitude for teaching, positivity, values, attitude, behavior, willingness to cooperate and work with others
Evaluation of open trial lecture Lecturing skills (communication ability), understanding of specialty area, contribution to specified discipline (creativity), development potential
3rd Committee screening Final candidates will be selected through a verification of the results of the first and second screening stages followed by an interview. (The number of candidates selected for the interview will be twice the number of vacancies.)


Special recritment of faculty members

Guide to special recruitment of faculty members

  • When required, the University may recruit faculty members through a special process without providing the standard recruitment notice as stipulated in Article 20 of the Faculty Member Recruitment Rules.

Recruitment - related regulation

Please refer to the University's homepage - Introduction to University - Status of University - Regulations.

  • New Faculty Member Recruitment Rules
  • Faculty Member Achievement Evaluation Rules
  • Faculty Member Personnel Affairs Regulations
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